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News Title: Medimix International Unveils New Corporate Identity Elements
News Topic: Medimix Expanded Focus, Repositioned Brand
Date: 2011-Jul-05
Medimix International Unveils New Corporate Identity Elements

Repositioned Brand Supports Expanded Focus

June 30, 2011 (Miami, FL)  Medimix International announced today that effective July 5th, it will have a new face to show the world--one that reflects its evolution from being mainly a provider of market research data to the healthcare industry to one of providing global market insights. Its fresh logo of bright two-color tablets, representing drug treatments, and a new baseline of “e-merging insights for tomorrow’s global healthcare” TMhighlight this expanded focus. Even its official footer has been changed to an eye-catching, distinctive doodle that incorporates the monuments and buildings evocative of its world divisions in North America (Miami, FL and New Jersey), Europe (London), South America (Mexico, Brazil), and Asia (Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai).

All the new corporate identity elements reflect Medimix’s commitment to bring its clients added-value and the guidance their marketing executives need to meet the challenges of global integration. The new baseline emphasizes the current context of emerging technologies, emerging markets and global competition.

“Whether it is to assess the potential of a new licensing opportunity, to help our clients market their products and services globally or to optimize their promotional investments, our commitment is to provide actionable insights based on facts, not educated guesses,” commented Henry Gazay, CEO of Medimix International. “We wanted this rebranding to reflect our commitment to help our clients adapt to the fast changing paradigm of our industry. I think we achieved that.”

Medimix International is a company that prides itself on its history of pioneering new techniques in online marketing research and for recognizing and integrating social media into the marketing mix. Its global panel of healthcare professionals (nurses, physicians, pharmacists) now numbers close to one million, 60% of whom are from e-merging markets.

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