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News Title: EphMRA Foundation-Medimix Study Results: Physician Internet Access in BRIC Countries
News Topic: Physicians Internet Usage
Date: 2011-Jul-26

July 26, 2011 (Miami, FL)   Medimix International announced the recent completion of a seminalstudy sponsored by EphMRA Foundation which examined internet access by physicians in China and Brazil, two of the world’s largest emerging market economies.   

Interviews were conducted by phone and online with 300 - 350 cardiologists, oncologists, and Internal Medicine specialists in both countries in the 4th quarter of 2010.  The insights gathered in these reports provide vital, up-to-date guidance for market researchers in the design and conduct of online research in these markets.  

Results of this study indicate that the use of the internet has become an essential part of the “untethered” physicians’ daily routine as they search for medical information and product knowledge.  They also indicate a willingness of the respondents of both countries to participate in market research with the healthcare industry.

In China, with an internet access rate of 99% by Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities physicians (compared to 34% of the general populace in China), 69% of Chinese physicians report accessing the internet daily at work, sometimes several times a day, and more than half (55%) already participate in market research surveys online.

“During the course of the study, we conducted interviews either by phone or the internet to physicians from 31 provinces (out of the total of 32 provinces of China) in Mandarin and spoken Cantonese,” reported Bruno Leraillez, Managing Director of Medimix Asia. “ Perhaps the only distinguishing factor in China which might prove a barrier to online participation was the lack of confidence in their anonymity (57%) and fear of computer viruses. “

“However, our findings suggest,“ he continued, “that the online survey is a reliable mode of interviewing healthcare professionals in China, provided that the surveys are tested in the local language and further efforts are made to convince respondents that strict confidentiality measures are being implemented.”

Brazil reveals similar figures, with 97% of physicians reporting internet access but a higher percent (84%) accessing it daily at work.  Like their Chinese counterparts, Brazilian physicians are willing to participate in market research and are driven by a desire to improve their knowledge and to discuss interesting subjects. 

“We have found in our studies that physicians, driven by time constraints, prefer online surveys of 21 minutes, up to a maximum of 37 minutes,” noted Martha Dias, Medimix Latin America Director. “And they do prefer to respond to surveys in their mother tongue, Portuguese.”

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