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News Title: The Trust Alliance
News Topic: The Trust Alliance Publishes Membership Criteria for Online Healthcare Data Collection Providers
Date: 2012-Mar-30




LONDON – Friday 23rd March 2012 – The Trust Alliance has today published details of how online healthcare data collection providers can apply for membership.

The Trust Alliance was set up in November 2011 as a “not-for-profit” organization by its three founder members ( All Global , M3 Inc , and Medefield ).  Its mission is to advance healthcare data collection standards, develop and promote best practices and foster trust in online physician research. 

The initial group of like-minded member organizations was necessarily small to create a firm foundation for the initiative to launch.  However, The Trust Alliance made it clear from the outset that membership would be open to allow other reputable data collection providers to join provided they were also prepared to commit to the aims of The Trust Alliance.

Now that The Trust Alliance has established itself with industry first initiatives such as the “Universal blacklist” of potentially fraudulent or bad research respondents and standardized post-fieldwork reporting (The Quality Report), the Trust Alliance is delighted to offer the opportunity for other online healthcare data collection providers to become members. 

Membership criteria are available to view on The Trust Alliance website ( or from industry liaison officer, Allan Bowditch ( and the application process will commence in April 2012.  



About The Trust Alliance

The Trust Alliance is an industry alliance established to promote trust in online physician research. The Trust Alliance's mission is to advance industry standards, develop and promote best practices and foster trust in online physician research. Its four areas of focus are:

1.      Authenticity – proactively monitoring and protecting against potentially fraudulent responders.

2.      Transparency – ensuring transparency in the data collection process.

3.      Data integrity – ensuring integrity of data collected.

4.      Response quality – promoting measures to encourage physicians to provide thoughtful views and responses in support of healthcare company decisions.


The Trust Alliance Founder Members


All Global

All Global have well over a decade of experience in gathering the best quality healthcare data. We use the right channels to gain candid and straightforward global, regional, local and niche stakeholder insights that can be delivered to you quickly and easily. The trust and rapport we have built with our stakeholders – payers, key opinion leaders, health care professionals and patients – translates into higher response rates and stronger, more reliable data for you. 

M3 Inc.

M3 Inc. (JP:2413) operates globally with a proprietary healthcare professionals panel for market research utilizing its physician communities across the world including,,,, and   


Medefield is a global expert in fieldwork services, meeting the unique requirements of healthcare market research. Medefield has the resources, relationships and expertise to make clients more successful, providing the data clients need through engaged, responsive online communities of physicians and healthcare practitioners.



Allan Bowditch

Industry Liaison



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